''My favorite part of knitting is that it allows me to be creative.''

What's your favorite part of knitting?

It allows me to be creative. I love the feeling of casting on yarn to my needles. Whether it's a new design i'm working on or a favorite pattern I've made many times before. I truly enjoy the entire process of creating through knitting.

Have you ever left a project halfway? Why?

Once I start a project I like to finish it in one session. Especially if its a quick project such as a beanie or a cowl/snood. The only time I don't is when I'm working on a new design.

Any expectations when you started knitting?

One day I just decided to go for it with no expectations. I think that mindset was key. It allowed me to go in and just embrace the process of learning how to knit.

Alone or in good company?

I get most of my knitting done when my kids are in school or after they have gone to bed. But I am never alone. I am always in good company with my sweet pup Benji. Hes's always by my side either napping or binge watching netflix with me, lol.

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